Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A tribute to my Bikram Yoga teacher, Jason Winn.

A tribute to my yoga teacher Jason Winn, whose encouragement helped make it possible for me to complete my book, The Maybelline Story.

With his support, a momentum built that took me places in my consciousness I might never have achieved on my own.  I want to thank Jason with all my heart for the many gifts I received as his dedicated student for many years.  

Jason Winn's studio in Laguna Beach, which he opened with his sister Melissa, was known as an oasis for yogis who traveled from all over the world to take class from him.

A teacher who lead by example, Jason was wise and strong enough to give correction to posture exactly when needed – objectively, encouragingly and always from his heart. During recent years, Jason dedicated time to the US Yoga Federation on its journey to the Olympics. He was the shining star in the Bikram Yoga community

Melissa Winn Carrier: "- click here to see a picture of Jason when we all went to see Star Wars for his Birthday in 2002.  Can you pick me out in the group?

               Click below for a tribute to Jason Winn. 

There was a memorial service for Jason on Sunday, June 27, 1010 in Santa Barbara. For more information, visit his Facebook fanpage, Jason Winn or his website: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-50qpheRnYg

Sharrie on Maui doing Bikram Yoga - 2003

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